Cosmetic Surgery For Men


The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery came out with recent statistics from 2012 that show Cosmetic Surgery for men is on the rise. Men are putting greater efforts into maintaining their appearances and looking more youthful.  Over the past few years, there have been a number of studies showing that men who had strong jaw lines and prominent chins were seen to be more attractive.  Some examples of men with strong chins are Warren Buffet, John Mack, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, to name a few.  Facial Implants such as chin and cheek implants are not something that can be altered without surgery. Exercise can’t make them bigger or more defined. A study by CBS News on Chin Implants for Men was done because the author “was always interested in CEOs. It’s been known they tend to be taller than the average population; they’re good looking, well spoken people. And I was curious that they might have stronger chins also.”  and “I’ve seen a doubling in the last five years of people having chin implants. Sometimes it’ll be done in conjunction with a face-lift or liposuction to minimize the double-chin.”  The study also states that ” 94% of the top CEOs on the Fortune 500 list had chins that were either average or above average in prominence, when compared to the general population.”

Have you noticed more men in your life that are getting plastic surgery? Is it something that you would consider? If you are interested in a consultation, contact us at 818-991-6226.


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