Treat Yourself to a “Mommy Makeover” This Mother’s Day

What is Included in a Mommy Makeover?
The term “Mommy Makeover” is coined for any surgery, or collection of surgeries, that is designed to help restore your pre-pregnancy physique. Some of the most common procedures seen with a Mommy Makeover include:

  • Breast Lift -It can be caused by any number of things: pregnancy, breastfeeding, changes in weight, gravity, heredity, the passage of time, or some combination of these. Are sagging breasts, breasts that have lost their shape or volume (deflated), making you look older than you are, or feel less than your very best? If so, there is a way to regain your youthful figure, there is a way to once again be your very best.
  • Breast Augmentation -Breast enlargement, also called augmentation mammoplasty, can increase the size of smaller, undeveloped breasts and also restore your breast volume when it decreases as a result of having children.
  • Breast Reduction-You can’t find clothing that flatters your figure-don’t even talk about a swimsuit. Finding a bra that fits is a chore, or participating in your favorite activities are uncomfortable, or outright painful. Your back hurts, or your bra straps cut so deeply into your shoulders it makes you want to cry. The weight of large, sagging breasts can cause back pain, postural problems, deformities of the back and shoulders, skin rashes and breast pain. But you don’t have to live with inconvenience or discomfort of breasts that are too large for your frame.
  • Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty is designed to give you a smoother, flatter abdomen. The procedure tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall frequently stretched by pregnancy or aging. It may also be performed following significant weight loss which leaves loose skin and muscle weakness.
  • Liposuction -Body contouring is a general set of procedures used by certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Terino, to bring proportion and symmetry to your body. Almost any area where there is a fatty deposit that is resistant to diet and exercise is amenable to body contouring procedures.

All procedures performed by Dr. Edward Terino, a board certified plastic surgeon, can change your life for the better. We invite you to contact or call Dr. Terino at (818) 991-6226. For over 20 years, Dr. Terino has helped people improve their physical, and emotional, well being. Let Dr. Terino help you today.


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