What are Blue Peels?

The Blue Peel is an exciting alternative, which can only be performed by an M.D. It is an in-between, medium depth peel, which requires only five to seven days of healing with only a light pink, healthy-looking color change for only a few weeks afterwards. The early application of makeup, sunscreen and skin products is appealing to most patients. The number of blue peels being performed in southern California has greatly increased over the last year.

Only one Blue Peel treatment is not sufficient for radical, dramatic skin changes. Two or more peels in a year, however, will gradually and predictably alter the skin and its underlying anatomic structures to tighten wrinkles, stimulate new circulation and reestablish collagen formation from sun damage and aging. The expense, comfort level and the time expenditure of experiencing a Blue Peel treatment is compatible with the needs of most southern California women.

When combined with other available soft tissue treatments, such as Botox, Dermalogen, injectible Allodern and older Bovine Collagen, Blue Peels may well be the most practical means to rejuvenate your skin in a conservative, gradual manner, and with long-term effectiveness.

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