The Long Term Effect is Positive

What we have been telling most of our patients for years, has been proved in study. Plastic surgery, with the right moderation, has positive effects on patients! Doctor Jurgen Margraf, who is a professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy investigated the long-term effects of plastic surgery in over 500 patients. With colleagues from the University of Basel, Dr. Margraf noticed that patients who had their physical appearance altered through plastic surgery, were happier with their lives as well as more confident in themselves.

The psychologists interviewed the patients before the surgery as well as three, six and twelve months after the procedure. On average, most participants claimed to have reached their desired physical appearance and were satisfied with the long-term effects of their surgery. The doctors also chose to talk to people who opted not to have surgery, the patients that underwent the procedure felt healthier, less anxious and demonstrated a higher level of self-confidence. No adverse reactions were tallied. Therefore, the researchers established a high level for the average treatment success of cosmetic surgery, as well in terms of psychological characteristics.

Dr. Margraf’s and his colleagues led the world’s largest study on this issue so far, and were published on the ‘Clinical Psychological Science” journal.

( Source: Interesting Reads)


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